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We are one of the largest cross-border wholesalers of books in Japan, established in 2018. Collaborating with various publishers and suppliers, we deliver Japanese books and media products worldwide, dealing with a selection of over 50,000 titles.

Discover Japanese Unique Books and Goods!

In Japan, there is a wide variety of books, toys, merchandise, as well as sheet music and soundtracks related to numerous Anime and Manga characters, released almost daily.

However, only a limited selection of these products is available in the United States, and finding them online can be quite challenging. Additionally, using services like Amazon Japan to have them imported may take several weeks.

Why are AKIBA EXPRESS INC's books more affordable than anywhere else?

AKIBA EXPRESS INC can offer lower prices than other sites for several reasons. Firstly, we have established direct partnerships with over 50 major publishers and book suppliers, enabling us to source products at reasonable prices. On the other hand, many other sellers on different platforms engage in "reselling" or "retail arbitrage," purchasing inventory from Japanese retail sources and selling them at higher prices due to additional intermediate costs.

However, we optimize our supply chain by sourcing directly from the upstream, reducing unnecessary intermediate costs, and passing on the savings to our customers. This allows us to provide the most affordable prices possible for our valued customers.

Why AKIBA EXPRESS INC can deliver products with Prime-like speed?

This is because we utilize Amazon Fulfillment's logistics network to ship from warehouses in the USA directly to our customers' homes. This enables us to provide a reliable delivery service with the same level of quality and speed as Prime, ensuring that our customers receive their orders promptly and efficiently.

The above image above shows the map of Amazon Fulfillment Centers as of 2023. The order you placed will be shipped from one of our fulfillment centers.

Why choose AKIBA EXPRESS INC over eBay? - Because it's DUTY-FREE!

While eBay is a popular choice for purchasing Japanese books and goods, buying from Japanese sellers on eBay may incur import duties. However, with AKIBA EXPRESS INC, we operate by selling products that have already been delivered to the USA, making them duty-free. This allows our customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience without worrying about additional import taxes.

Our Logistics

The above is our partnership warehouse located in Nerima, Tokyo, responsible for storing books that ultimately reach our customers' hands. We also handle the shipment of these books to our US warehouse for further distribution.

Enjoy shopping with us!