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What is MangaSourceTokyo?

We are a specialty shop for Japan Import Books at low prices.


Why are the prices reasonable?

We have established direct partnerships with over 50 major publishers and book suppliers, enabling us to offer products at reasonable prices.

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Prep Center
Where Our Books are Stored
How Our Books are Stored
How Our Books are Packed
How Our Operation is Systemized
Our Vision
Prep Center
Our partner prep warehouse is located in Takanodai, Nerima, Tokyo, responsible for storing books, which are delivered directly from publishers and suppliers.
Our Work Sites
Books destined for the United States are stored in this large space at the warehouse.
We distribute tens of thousands of books annually.
Each book is individually packaged in OPP bags by book shipping professionals.
Management System
To manage the diverse collection of books, our operational system identifies books using reference numbers and streamlines procedures to ensure accurate delivery.
Our Vision
In order to make unique Japanese books more accessible and affordable in the United States, we are continuously expanding our selection year by year.

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